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About the MMT Project

The MMT Project is a hub for cutting-edge research that builds upon, deepens, and develops the frontier of the Modern Money Theory (MMT) paradigm. Our mission is to understand real-world problems in their complex totalities, and to craft policy solutions and promote social change in ways consistent with our common values of universality, egalitarianism, inclusion, democracy, equity, justice, and sustainability. We are the flagship think tank of the Modern Money Multiverse, a constellation of organizations that includes the education-oriented Modern Money Network, and advocacy-oriented Public Money Action.


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Fellowship Program

The MMT Project welcomes individuals from all backgrounds who conduct research aimed at developing the Modern Money (MMT) paradigm. We accept fellowship applications, including from junior researchers at the early stages of their scholarly career, on a rolling basis. We also provide an institutional home for senior scholars who have made substantial contributions to the development of the MMT paradigm.


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